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Hi, I'm Jennifer Iliana. 

I'm thrilled that you've been intuitively led here. As a Registered Nurse for more than a decade, I've realized that the key to health and wellness lives in the realm of being holistically aligned.

Through my journey, I  realized that I had given my power away and believed that life was happening to me. I felt all the answers were outside of me and searched endlessly for the "magic" solution. That mindset led me down a path of despair, hopelessness, self-sabotage, and unalignment. I lived my life on auto-pilot, checking items off my life to-do list. I achieved huge milestones and did not stop to savor the moment, instead I was on to the next.

My greatest teacher was when my body said enough and developed a "mysterious illness" that left medical providers with more questions than answers. I felt alone and scared and experienced what I refer to as the dark night of the soul. I hit rock bottom and decided that this was no longer sustainable. I had no other choice than to turn my attention inward. That is when I heard my intuition. It felt like a warm and peaceful embrace. I began to listen to it and for the first time in my life, I saw light at the end of the tunnel. I began to make decisions that were in alignment with my intuition.


By the way, that “mysterious illness” ended up being Chronic Lyme Disease and complex PTSD. All the inner work done resulted in healing from the inside out and I know that this is available to everyone (yes, that included you). 


Certified as a Reiki level II, elemental, and crystal healer, I can create energetic shifts in your system that remove barriers (physical, mental, and/or spiritual) to help achieve your goals. As a certified alchemist and soul shift healer, we can transform the parts of you that feel “damaged” into your greatest strength. I am walking proof that these methods work.


My soul's purpose is to be the healer of generational traumas who alchemized my trauma into a gift of healing which I get to pass on to my children who are the physical manifestation of shifts that happened at the soul level. I learned to use the elements as medicine and harness their power to manifest dreams into reality. Crystals became allies in aligning energy, raising vibration, and discerning my higher self from my ego.


My promise is to coach so powerfully that it disrupts the current patterning long enough to get off the hamster wheel and out of autopilot. To respectfully challenge the status quo and mindset to seek the internal truth that resides within. To act as a guide through the fear and resistance that will appear. While being mindful that my desire for your success should never overshadow your own. I believe in your innate ability to live a thriving life and create your dreams into a reality.

You are so worthy of thriving in your purpose. You hold the power to manifest your dreams into a reality by turning inward and taking inspired action. You have everything that you need, right there, inside of you. You are the only person that can breathe life into your vision.

If you have any questions, email me anytime:

As a lifelong student, I am always learning new ways that I can powerfully serve my clients. I am proud to say I am a certified in:

• Alchemy

•Crystal Healer Level II

•Elemental Healer

•Soul Shifter

•Manifestation Guide

•Oracle and Spirit Channel

•Soul Coaching Oracle Reader

•Living Magic Practitioner

•Living Astrology Practitioner

•Living Sound Healer

•Angel Numerologist

•Reiki Level II Practitioner

Articles, Podcast Episodes & More

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