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I help YOU!
Find MEANING in LIFE by exploring SPIRITUALITY and harnessing the power of your INTUITIVE GIFTS.

Hi, I'm Jennifer Iliana

I  use my intuitive gifts to guide you through your spiritual journey which may consist of the following phases: initiation, awakening, and dark night of the soul. 

After experiencing my own spiritual awakening, I made a vow to walk alongside others when they begin their journey. I do not believe in coincidence, you have been intuitively led here. There is a part of you that is curious, seeking answers and wanting more. Together we get you crystal clear on what you desire the most out of this lifetime by exploring spirituality and harnessing the power of your intuitive gifts. As a result, the clarity you gain will unveil the expectations, limiting beliefs, and stories holding you back from finding the meaning in your life. I will serve you with integrity by meeting you exactly where you are in your journey and collaborating to transform your whole life.


I take a holistic approach in which we will look into every aspect of your being (mind, body, spirit) and develop an intuitively led plan that is in alignment with your vision. 

Approaches taken include and are not limited to:

  • Mindfulness practices - slowing down enough to hear your own thoughts.

  • Alchemy - transforming "negative experiences" into a strength. 

  • Elemental healing - working with earth, fire, water, and air to direct your intentions to get you results. 

  • Crystal healing - finding the perfect combination of crystals to be allies in your journey.

  • Spirit guidance - we will co-create a journey that feels good to you and that gets you the results that you seek.

  • Intuitive Readings - connect with your spirit team and receive guidance and wisdom. 

  • Removal of blockages - once we identify what is holding you back, then we need to remove it and develop a plan to not allow them back in.

  • Energetic boundaries - it is important to have boundaries in all areas of life and being supported through the process is paramount. 

  • Mindset - our thoughts create our reality and it is important to keep our thoughts in the direction we are heading and know what to do when thoughts that are not serving you appear. 


After many years of doing my own inner work, I have discovered that through, mindfulness, spirituality, and self-led personal development, you have the ability to pave the path back to your authentic core self that knows that all the answers are already inside of you. I invite you to this haven in which you are safe to be yourself, embrace your fears, and dive into the depths of the ocean knowing that you are seen and heard.


You are powerful!


Finally, you can break through all the barriers that have held you back from living your best life.


My approach empowers you to explore your spirituality without having to give up on what you desire.


Want Proof?

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