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"I am 100% qualified to take the driver’s seat to my life"

Before coaching, I was feeling lost, uncertain, and lacking confidence in my abilities to make a future for myself. Through the coaching sessions, Jenn has helped me remember I am 100% qualified to take the driver’s seat to my life.

I absolutely loved the warm and safe space Jenn provided at every session. I felt welcome to dig deep and share everything on my heart. I also really liked the exercises she had me work through; however silly it may have seemed, it helped! 


Each session we worked on whatever was on my mind. I am now much less anxious when going into work and more confident in my abilities. 

I have learned that I always have resources - all I have to do is actively look for them. I realized I can be too hard on myself and that there are endless possibilities. I just have to believe in myself and see where life leads me. 

I would recommend Jenn to literally anyone. Anyone who wants to be heard, anyone who is ready to take control of their life, anyone who wants support on whatever journey they are on.

- Jenny K, 24, PA 

"Amazing catalyst to me finding my way back"

Before working with Jennifer, I was experiencing a lot of frustration in figuring out what was next for me in my life. It was muddy. I knew, and yet did not. She helped me find clarity and set goals that help me get on track. She helped me step into my power that I was struggling to grasp myself. Sometimes we may have all the pieces coming together and need the guidance, encouragement, and insight from someone else to get us there…and she was truly that person.

Jennifer was such a warm, peaceful presence. I would describe my time with her as a warm hug. You felt safe to open up to and talk and felt good after you were done talking to her. She never made me feel judged or small while I fumbled around trying to figure things out. She never made me feel embarrassed for feeling lost. She reminded me that sometimes we can feel lost but that is just a feeling, but it does not take away from our power. 

She was such an amazing catalyst to me finding my way back into alignment and purpose. She challenged me, questioned some thought processes that may have not been serving me, and encouraged me to not allow fear to take the wheel. 

That my story is important and valuable. That I do have the capacity to lead and teach and that I have something to offer that is beneficial to others. That my ideas are clear and allow myself permission to create, and permission to REST. And permission to be messy at times. It does not have to be perfect. It does not make me any less valuable or important. 

Anyone looking to step into their power. Anyone who may need reinforcement and help clarifying things in their life. Anyone who needs help looking within and realizing that they have much to offer. Working with Jennifer has been such a safe, encouraging, and nurturing environment…It was an absolute pleasure working with her. 

- Crystal C, 32, TN 

“Peter's insightful inquiry helped me be honest with myself about what was keeping me from pursuing the things I wanted to achieve. He helped me develop strategies to overcome limiting habits I had been struggling with for years. My coaching sessions with Peter have had a lasting impact because all the insights were earned through a kind of honest work that leads to a unique empowerment that I can’t help but continue to pursue.”

"Jennifer is Very Skilled in Deep and Active Listening"

Before working with Jennifer, I was dealing with a lot of stress and I was holding a lot of tension. My sessions with Jennifer helped me to become more relaxed and focused.

I really enjoyed working with Jennifer. Her energy was very calming, and she was supportive and fully invested in helping me achieve my wellness goals.

As a result of our time together, I was better able to manage my stress and include more relaxation in my life. I enjoyed our exploratory conversations, and it was such a gift to work with someone who I could relate to on a profound level.

I discovered how important it is to have someone hold space for you. Jennifer is very skilled in deep and active listening. 

I would recommend Jennifer to anyone who would benefit from a supportive and nurturing coach. Jennifer has a very soothing energy, and she supports you in feeling capable and positive. 

- Simone S, 34, NY 


“Working with you was instrumental in helping me figure out what I want from life, breaking big goals down into a series of small concrete achievable goals to help get me where I want to go, and in learning self-calming practices and self-encouragement strategies that can be used as tools to help me get unstuck from negative thought patterns.”

"Enhanced my Awareness of my Body and my Mind"

Prior to working with Jen, I had envisioned myself practicing mindfulness, but I just did not know where to start. Jen always greeted me with warmth and compassion. She helped me gain the confidence and motivation to incorporate mindfulness into my daily routine.  I have less tension and pain in my neck and back from lowering my daily stress load. I would not have had the motivation to do this without her guidance.

Jen is a kind and genuine person. She is patient, she is encouraging, and she is a calm, soothing presence. Our sessions helped me slide into a peaceful, meditative state and really enhanced my awareness of my body and my mind. Practicing this every week, enhanced my skills and gave me to motivation to meditate daily.


I feel calm and peaceful throughout the day. I am able to recognize my thoughts, my emotions and control how I respond to them. Jen gave me the confidence to start helping the people around me find the benefits of mindfulness, as well.

Jen reminded me of the benefits to practicing mindfulness. She reminded me that my practice of meditation does not need to be perfect in order to be effective.

I recommend Jen’s services to those with any level of experience with meditation. She is capable of guiding someone brand new to meditating or very experienced. Jen is full of information and resources to enhance anyone’s mindfulness practice, all while making you feel warm, welcome, and calm.

Amanda Upright, 24, NY

"I do have all my own answers"


Prior to working with Jenn, I was going with the flow and did not really have a plan or guidance. She helped me make a plan. I am so thankful.

My experience working with Jenn was great. What I liked most about our coaching relationship was the scarf that she wore during our session to help differentiate the coach from the personal relationship. I also liked how she made me think deeper and find solutions to my own concerns. 


I have gained more confidence in myself after our coaching sessions. 

I have learned through this process that I do have all my own answers that will help me better serve myself. This is something that I did not think I had.

I would definitely recommend Jenn's coaching to pretty much anyone that is looking to gain back control of their own life.

Kaity W, 38, NY

"I have the power within myself to be happy"

Before my first session with Jennifer, I really did not see the worth in myself.  I am going through a divorce after 40 years of marriage. That in itself was a very hard decision to make, but after my first session I realized I mattered, I am a person who is worthy of happiness and I have the power in myself to make it happen, whether it’s getting a ride in an 18-wheeler or just having an afternoon picnic in a park.  I can do it!!!  

I honestly had doubts about doing these sessions, but Jenn is so easy to talk to.  Jenn approaches the session with such reassurance about privacy and it is okay to say no if you do not want to talk about certain subjects.  I was so surprised by how comfortable I was. I enjoyed every session!!!!

I gained confidence in myself, at work, in social situations, and even when shopping. I can be the one who has the deciding answer.  I have learned and am still learning how to be confident in myself when facing situations that I would usually bury myself in the security of my home. 

I have realized I have the power within myself to be happy. I can choose if I want negativity or positivity in my life.  I can set goals for myself and I will do them.  I am responsible for myself and I must stop making excuses for myself.

I would recommend Jenn to anyone because people do not realize that everyone needs a little guidance sometimes. Jenn is like having a best friend whom you can say anything to without being judged and is just there to help you find out how to help yourself.  I am so happy to have had my sessions with Jenn.



Melanie W, 67, NY

"I feel more in control of my mindset and my journey"

The opportunity to be coached by Jennifer came during a stressful and unsettled time in my life. Professionally I was feeling stuck and uninspired, which was having a negative effect on my personal life and mental well-being.

Jennifer is professional and a great listener. She set clear expectations for both of us in our coaching relationship. She began and ended our sessions with a mindful breathing practice, a unique way to demarcate our time together.

The coaching sessions equipped me with tools to make positive changes towards realizing my personal and professional goals. I feel more in control of my mindset and my journey, which gives me peace of mind. I regularly practice self-care activities like journaling and meditation to continue focusing on myself and my priorities. My outlook has become infinitely more positive.

Her questions challenged me to think differently. Her insights provided me perspectives of myself I had not considered or had not been able to see on my own.

I would recommend Jennifer’s coaching sessions to anyone feeling stuck, hesitant, confused, or negative about their next steps in life. And anyone feeling confident and positive about their abilities and path but needing a fresh perspective about their next steps.

Erica Zippo, 39, NY

"I Add Myself to the Equation of life"

Before my first session, I felt like my life was disorganized and I had no plan on how to deal with things or prioritize them.  I was definitely overwhelmed and needed a plan.

I can now say I add myself to the equation of life and am more self-aware of my needs, wants, actions, and thoughts and my need to refuel to be able to be good for myself and everyone else.

Jennifer has been invaluable in my search to become a more self-aware stronger woman.  She has a special way of knowing when to invoke various tools and how to bring out a clear vision of my purpose, wants, and needs that is truly hard to pinpoint on my own.

Throughout this process I have gained new insight on how I acquire and integrate the coaching skills we discussed.  I believe this was from working and reviewing my preexisting ways of dealing with things, how I started to incorporate new tools while continuing to work with you and how I utilize the arsenal of life tools you provided.

I would highly recommend Jenn and her services to my professional caregiver friends because you are in a unique position of being a nurse and nurse coach and you have the ability to help them help themselves and see the benefits of it firsthand.


Tara Vollano, 50, NY

"Working with Jenn was a great experience"


Before working with Jenn, I thought about my future goals and how it should be, but then I come up with reasons why I will not be able to accomplish these goals.  After the coaching session I realized that those reasons are just distractions in focusing on my goals.  I now approach life with a more positive attitude where the glass is half full and not “half empty.”  I was a negative person, now I look at life more positively. I am now able to identify my hidden potentials and work at using them to my advantage.

Working with Jenn was a great experience, I felt relax and was able to express my issues without feeling like I would be judged. 

In the coaching relationship I gained a safe space where I could relax and discuss issues that were affecting me openly without feeling feelings of intimidation.  The session helped me to identify my full potential and how to utilize them.

I learned to be more open when dealing with people.  I also learned relaxing technique that I can use when handling life stressor.  I also learned to use mindfulness as a vehicle for relaxation in stressful times.  I have also learned to be more focused on goals which I have put aside due to other distractions in my life.  Using mindfulness have helped me to stay focus with less distraction.

I have discovered that even though life is stressful there are resources out there that we can use to cope with stress and other issues in life.  I have also started to use a journal to write down my thought and formulate a plan that will help me to accomplish my goals.  I have found that writing my thoughts down after the mindfulness activity helps to keep me focus.  At present I am working on completing my business plan for a formal role out.

I will refer friends and acquaintances who needs someone to help them face challenges in a positive way and persons who needs help in dealing with stressors from daily life to work with Jenn.

Andrene Lamonth, 56, NY

"I am Able to Look at Myself and Connect with my Inner Being"


Prior to coaching with Jenn, I was disorganized in my thoughts and physical space. I was unable to focus on anything. I felt down and unmotivated.  The sessions gave me insight into why I was feeling so lost with lack of energy.  I thought it all had to do with lack of physical exercise. However, I found myself looking at how unorganized I was and the deep reason why I was making space for certain things in my life. I worked through feelings that I had which helped me see my life in a different way.  I was able to organize my house and my thoughts.  I am focused on caring for myself which has, in turn, increased my physical energy.

I enjoyed working with Jenn. She is amazing.  A true listener.  I loved that I truly felt you she was there with me. Listening and repeating what I said.  I loved that she created such a comfortable environment that made me feel I could be vulnerable.  I really felt comfortable discussing anything and everything.  

As a result, I created my own space for me. I gained a better understanding of where my feelings come from.  I also gathered a bunch of tools I can use when needed.

My greatest insight is that I am able to look at myself and connect with my inner being to see who I am and who I want to be.  I am to use techniques of breathing and compartmentalizing different feelings to bring into my mind when needed.  

I recommend Jenn's coaching to everyone! I look forward to working together again!


Debbie T, 45, NY

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