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Intuitively Balanced

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

I have heard of finding balance in life and never thought much of it. In my mind that was a luxury that people like me did not have access to.

With each passing year, I realized that with each milestone checked off my "life to do list", I felt less and less satisfied. I would savor the moment of success for a few hours and on to the next item on the list. I became addicted to the feeling of success and yet not satisfied. As a society, there is so much focus on hitting milestones by a certain age and that is how I rated my success in life.

During my dark night of the soul, I found myself doing an inventory of my life and saying, "something has to change!" That is when I heard the voice inside say, “we are not balanced!” I recall ignoring the voice and continuing to ruminate in my misery.

I finally decided to take inventory of how balanced I was, in mind, body, and soul. What I found was that the only thing I had was a list of things I was supposed to do! You see, that is what my problem was, I was living in the supposed to be realm. Following what “experts” in the field suggested that I do, even though these experts know nothing about me or my personal journey. Which left the question, who is the expert? You guessed it, me!

I turned to myself and asked what does being intuitively balanced look like? Here is what I came up with:


• Morning routine:

o Gratitude practice

o Set intention for the day

o Select my daily affirmation

• Self-awareness of triggers and having an action plan in place

o When to pause

o Respond

o Take a break and revisit the conversation at a later time.

• Listening to my inner dialogue

o Shifting patterning of negative thinking

o Befriend parts of me that are trying to keep me safe with antiquated beliefs.


• 30 minutes of movement in the form of walking, dancing, yoga, stretching, and Peloton

• Sleep 7-8 hours

• Dry brushing

• Mindful eating

• Honoring my cycles

• Listening to my body

• Using my senses to explore my surroundings

• Experiencing feelings in and around my body


• Created an inner barometer for my emotions. That way I know what is mine and what belongs to others.

• Bi-weekly therapy

• Journaling

• Active participation in the self-healers circle

• Celebrating my wins

• Re-build trust with my intuition via a small daily promise practice

• Honoring my cycles


• Clearing of energy

• Learning from spiritual leaders

• Course work for my alchemy, crystal and elemental healing certifications

• Self-Reiki

• Soul led practices


• Leisure reading

• Watching my favorite TV shows

• Cooking new recipes

• Building my crystal collection

• Re-discovering my artistic side: art and theater

• Live music


• Social get togethers with friends

• Date night with my wife

• Spending quality time with my family

• Spending alone time to rediscover my awesomeness


• Work 1:1 with coach on goals

• Invest time in learning what intuitively feels right and consult experts in the field to align with

• Dive into my role as an EnterpreNurse role.

What does intuitively balanced look like for you?!

Check in with yourself and ask:

• What comes up for me as I read this?

• How am I intuitively balanced?

• What areas of my life do I feel need to be balanced?

• What action steps can I take to become balanced?

• Where are these action steps originating from?

• How does this plan feel?

• How will I know that my actions are in alignment?

• What will it cost me not to be balanced?

• How can I recruit my loved ones to support me?

• How can I align with others to collaborate in achieving my goals?

You are the expert!

Remember you are the expert in your life! Only you know what works and does not. You know what discomfort feels like when you are growing versus not being in alignment! Lean into your intuition and trust it. Intuitively you will know when it is time to recruit members to your team.

You are that powerful!


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